Current project status

Just a quick note.

Version 0.5.0 is out the door … finally.

There is plenty to do about the project but I have decided to start working on actually delivering some applications instead of just plugging away at SNMP.

Before shifting focus, I’ll work on a series of documentation pages to be posted on the project web site. Usually people get the coding to a certain level and take vacation forgetting the documentation. I am trying not to do that.

My intention from the beginning was to depend on the people using the library to tell me what bugs or issues they had using it.

I would like to ask you all that if you are using the library and find an issue, let me know.

You don’t have to have a solution for the problem, just a description of what you were trying to do, what happened and possibly dump of information you were working on at the time so I can dig into it deeper.

By letting me know what issues or limitation you’ve found, you will help improve this project for everybody (yes, yourself included).