Progress report

Today I have posted version 0.5.1 to the SourceForge site with 3 critical bug fixes included.

I’m not too happy about releasing too many versions but if I find a bug with a serious impact on library usability, I’ll release a new versions in rapid succession.

I’m already working on the next version. One of the changes that I have already put in place for the next version is to change Pdu.Type (and associated ScopedPdu.Type) data type from byte and reliance on the SnmpConstants byte constants, that can cause mistakes, to a new enumeration PduType.

I’m looking through the code looking for other places where enumerations make more sense then using constants.

I have decided that enumerations are a better way to go about this. Constants mean that you can set a wrong value in a wrong place. It also means that a lot of code needs to be put in place to verify input. Extra code means more potential bugs, not checking every parameter means wrong values can be set by the library users and result in unexpected consequences. So, enumerations are the way forward…